Review: Between the Buried and Me – The Parallax ll: Future Sequence



With this, the full-length follow-up to its 2011 EP, The Parallax: Hypersleep Dialogues, the North Carolina progressive-metal quintet crafts a 72-minute concept album that includes some of its freshest material yet, but also some of its dullest. “Lay Your Ghosts to Rest” is an epic piece that showcases the band’s trademark sonic diversity, and concludes with an unforgettable outro. Nevertheless, much of the heavy material on the album sounds like a less-than-inspired rehash of the group’s previous work. The gems often lie in lighter moments like “The Black Box,” but progressive-metal fans will still appreciate the daring scope of The Parallax II. DAVID McKENNA 

Check out “Telos” off The Parallax ll: Future Sequence below:


  • revolverlovesjustinbieber

    Haha you goofs rated the new papa roach higher than this. How does it feel to be stupid.

    • kris

      couldnt agree more

  • Evan Baman Brown

    wow….3/5 and a very vague explanation on why it was given such a score. i can understand if the person who reviewed it, isn’t into between the buried and me, but having been a fan for years now, and put hours of listening to this new album, it is anything but a rehash of the same. i have a feeling this reviewer gave it one listen and judged it from that, and if i’m wrong please correct me. not meaning to start an argument or anything, just saying some music takes plenty of listens to really understand. Parallax II is one of those examples.

  • kbass2112

    Proof that music with talent is kicked under the bus while the media focuses on artists with less talent. You honestly cannot call yourself a musician/music listener and say that this album is a 3/5. If you like good music, music that has depth to it, then this album is for you. This album should be a 5/5 or at the minimum a 4.9/5.


    stupid critic. im tired of retards doing music reviews. this guy is a joke. i guess he has never heard anything else by btabam because this differs from all of there albums. this will be the last time i check out the website and i will be ending my subscription. STOP WITH HOT CHICKS AND START WITH GOOD MUSIC

  • Adrian Roberts

    Wait, papa roach git higher than the greatest modern metal band?!?!?! Can I set the internet on fire?

  • bunBun

    This is what happens when you read a mag site that features the hottest girls in rock and other ignorant crap. Leave this site and go to real heavy music sites and don’t come back.

  • ten_ton_balls

    These reviews are PATHETIC! OMFG

  • Kyle Schlosser

    Personal opinion, but you should actually listen to the album before writing a review for it.