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Review: Big Wreck - Albatross


This is not so much a Big Wreck reunion as it is guitarist Brian Doherty joining the self-titled band frontman Ian Thornley started after the two split up a decade ago. But we’re not quibbling. Albatross, which went Top 5 in the group’s native Canada last year, is an engagingly diverse set that’s a bit kindler and gentler than Big Wreck’s first two releases but still shows that Thornley, Doherty & Co. know how to bring the heavy when they need to. “Rest of the World” and “Do What You Will” are a punchy, sinewy anthems, while “You Caught My Eye” is full of bluesy grit. A welcome return. GARY GRAFF

Check out "Albatross" off Albatross below:

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