Review: Black Label Society – The Song Remains Not the Same



There’s no manual on how a metal band should unplug, so on their new acoustic disc, Black Label Society pretty much wing it. This means lots of slow, folky numbers with big, black-toned harmonies and swelling strings. The results are entirely respectable, topped by a cover of Neil Young’s “Helpless” that’s very, very serious and completely awesome. Elsewhere, country singer John Rich shows up; Zakk Wylde & Co. covers songs from their last disc, 2010’s Order of the Black; there’s an instrumental cover of “The First Noel”; and an overdone version of “Bridge Over Troubled Water,” a song already so completely terrible that BLS couldn’t do it much damage even if they wanted to. ALLISON STEWART

Check out “Darkest Day” off The Song Remains Not the Same below:

  • ron davis

    their no hire bless u zakk

  • chazzjack

    I will buy two albums like I always do I support u B.L.S

  • tommy culbertson

    Why would BLS put out a cd like this right now ?A live cd or dvd would make more since right now,i will not buy this. ;-[

  • Clbaumer

    I like the tunes, but covering a bunch of OOTB songs is kinda strange. Most of the songscovered are just flat out rock tunes. But like other Zakk Wylde accoustic CDs, I am sure this will grow on me. They always grow on you!

  • Scottvanleuven

    I don’t get it. Why an unplugged disc from Zakk Wylde? Is he trying to branch out to new audiences, because most metalheads won’t want to hear this.

    • Sullengirlsiren

      Do you know anything about Zakk Wylde or Black Label Society?  Have you ever even heard Hang Over Music Volume VI or Book of Shadows?  REAL BLS fans will most definitely want to hear this album.  It’s beautiful, and you’re OBVIOUSLY the kind of metal head that doesn’t know shit about good music.  

  • Daveartus

    Very Cool! Zakk, you always have had a range of talent and you have always done covers as well so I cant wait to buy it. I look forward to ANY BLS Album!

  • SDMF Pattylee

    Love the acoustic stuff they do, always awesome