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Review: Blaqk Audio - Bright Black Heaven

Review: Blaqk Audio - Bright Black Heaven

Even at their punkiest AFI carried traces of ’80s goth-glam worship. Blaqk Audio, Davey Havok and Jade Puget’s electro-pop side project, allows the AFI vocalist and guitarist, respectively, to fully indulge in their mascara-and-eyeliner fantasies, reveling in dark, icy synthesizers. On the duo’s debut, 2007’s CexCells, their slavish devotion to ambient textures or danceable beats often got in the songs’ way, but on their sophomore effort, they relish the hooks, with tracks that could be easily mistaken for Depeche Mode (“With Your Arms Around You”) or Erasure (“Cold War”). AFI fans will no doubt miss the guitar muscle, but adventurous listeners will appreciate the retro-synth theatrics. REBECCA RABER

Check out a Bright Black Heaven album preview below:


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