Review: Bobaflex – Hell in My Heart



Point Pleasant, West Virginia, hard rockers Bobaflex release their impressive fourth album, Hell In My Heart, after a tumultuous four years that saw their former label go bankrupt and the band go through numerous lineup changes. But these trials and tribulations seem to have only made the group stronger. The record opens with a deathbed confession that quickly blasts into the engine-revving anthem “Chemical Valley” and continues on a rampaging path with few slow points. Sounding like a streamlined and angrier Avenged Sevenfold made for biker bars, Bobaflex deliver plenty of the swaggering punk attitude with which they first burst onto the scene in 1998. And they have reason to swagger: Though the 15-song epic does feel like a few tracks could be trimmed off, leaving a leaner record, Hell is a solid hard-rock outing with plenty of memorable tunes. Standouts include the serpentine “Slave,” the foot-stomping “Bury Me With My Guns On,” and the full-throttle “Dangerous.” But the real highlight–and surprise–is the record closer, a great cover of Simon and Garfunkel’s “Sound of Silence.” JEREMY BORJON

Check out “Bury Me With My Guns On” off Hell in My Heart below:

  • RobynH

    Great job guys!  LOVE me some BFX!  :)

  • eo

    Love this band!  One of the best!

  • eo

    Love this band!  One of the best!

  • eo

    Love this band!  One of the best!

  • Rachel

    This band is hands down, the. best.ever… And they are all totaly awesome guys who will sucker you out of lots and lots of jager bombs at their concerts.

    • Domino

      Haha I know what you mean. My friend and I got Marty so drunk off jagerbombs one night it was amazing.


    This whole album is ROCKIN! Bobaflex has a different sound that I Love! Cant wait for more already!

  • Shellica

    amazing…i am in love with this band……

  • Bender

    That was a great show! 

  • Amy L Page

    These guys have a original sound that stands out and gets your attention. Their new CD “Hell in my Heart” is frucking awesome!!

  • Churchburn666

    Way to go guys. Flex has worked hard to get here, and it”s finally paying off. hellyeah!

  • Chrisp802

    Great band, even their earliest stuff on their debut album Primitive Epic was killer. My favorite band!

  • Domwalker6660

    Simply one of the best bands you could ever see…Made up of the 5 coolest guys in the world!!! Jerod can slap a bass like a pimp does his ho!!! Marty and Shaun both have guitar licks that have a crunchy cut throat sound, all while trading mind blowing vocals!!! Tommy beats on the drums like a 14 year old boy would his peter!!! Chris adds the final ingrediant to the madness with his heavy over-tones on guitar!!! And just when you thought it couldnt get better their voices ring off a harmony that will tickle your ears to a shear orgasm!!!! Thats my way of saying…BUY THE ALBUM FOLKS!!!!!! Matt Byrd (aka) DOOM!!!

  • Heavenmachine

    The album deserves a 5/5! Gonna be one of the best albums to hit rock mainstremem in the past few years!

  • Ed Williams

    These guys are one of the hardest working groups I have ever shared a stage with. Bobaflex is a no bull rock n roll juggernaut,Bringing a shear honesty to their sound that hard to match. If you do not have a copy of Hell in my heart…..Do yourself a favor…get one….and a copy to turn a friend on to

  • Sam Scooby Layne

    These guys are AWESOME!!! If you get a chance to see these cats, DO IT!! You will not be disappointed. Been following since 2007. My wife and I come up with a saying “TIME TO GET OUR FLEX ON”. Can’t wait to see them in Lancaster, Ohio this Saturday at Mickey’s Grill. Keep up the great work guys and thank you all for being so nice. Sam Scooby Layne