Review: Born of Osiris – The Discovery



Breakdown-overloaded metalcore has saturated the heavy-metal market in recent years, and new releases increasingly sound like mundane imitations of other records. To make something memorable in 2011, a band must go beyond the same sound everyone else is producing—or at least do it much better.

Illinois tech-deathcore sextet Born of Osiris tries to do both on their latest record, The Discovery, and end up pulling the mission off with considerable success. Their third full-length finds the band sharpening its virtuosic skills and adding more melody in guitar riffs and keyboard fills. The synthesis of technical breakdowns, eerie synth noises, shredding solos, and stuttering guitar riffs make for some really kickass music.

On “Follow the Signs,” a creepy keyboard melody is played over a pummeling breakdown, and the song ends with a haunting guitar solo vaguely reminiscent of Alex Skolnick’s work. Another standout is “Recreate,” which features transitions from Meshuggah-esque heaviness to fresh guitar harmonies. The album ends with “Behold,” a track that captures the musicians’ impressive technicality and displays their standout ability to reign it in enough to produce a catchy, as well as flashy, song.

Occasionally the band lapses into predictable deathcore formulas. The layered screaming sounds great sometimes but cheesy at other. The continuous breakdown structure of songs like “Two Worlds of Design” gets repetitive quickly. Nevertheless, The Discovery is an original record that places Born of Osiris as among the best in their style of metal. DAVID MCKENNA

  • BillyGoatGruff

    Sick album. Listened through all of it last night. Follow the Signs is absolutely nuts.

  • Ruination4ac

    So fucking amazing!!!!! Blew me out the water. I have always been an avid BOO fan and I am not disappointed. This is phenomenal and a must listen.

    • Checkers

      Calling them BOO makes you sound extremely gay.

  • Hater

    horrible album. bored me almost to death, and this was only after listening to 1 track.

  • Sam

    HORRIBLE! So disappointed… all fuckin’ breakdowns..

    • Charlie lizer

      thats why im on the 4th song and still only heard one breakdown you fucking idiot.

  • Ihavelold

    You people need to understand the difference between Djent and breakdowns. Breakdowns suck. Djent takes some actual skill.

  • disappointment

    disappointed, the keys sound wicked gay in alot of parts, the vocals sound a bit weak in parts, and as for the last song… boring… I could care less how talented you are I just wanna hear some awsome tunes. NOW RECALL ALL THESE COPIES, GET BACK IN THE STUDIO AND FIX THIS OVER-HYPED CD!

  • Fuzz

    Jason is an amazing addition to the band. This album is fucking gnar m/

  • Over-rated

    everyone shouldnt waste their money on this album, you can just torrent it for free

    • Austin

      You’re a moron.

    • Nj_bryan

      you are a moron. these musicians don’t make much money. they rely on record sales, merchandise, and touring to make their money and they’re still just doing okay at best. it’s people like you that help hurt the music industry. Being in a touring band myself that’s not even signed, i think it’s extremely difficult having to live in a van and rationing money for food and other important things just i can play for a few hundred kids each night. they are doing it on a larger scale, but they aren’t rich and they need all the support they can get.

      • VileSuperbest

        actually im sure they dont rely on record sales. more like touring and other ventures. fuck record sales. but i bought it anyway because i torrented it and it kicked that much ass that i had to buy it

  • Joe Sampson

    people who think this album sucks are retarded

  • Bfmv619dine

    amazing album. very melodic and the keys creep up your spine like youre in a horror movie

  • Emad Ahmed

    The Born Of Osiris album is amazing and epic as hell! Everyone should pick up a copy and support the band for their efforts. It’s only 8.99 at Hot Topic with a DVD, poster and extras!!!!

  • Faustor

    Sick album they have grown a lot as musicians and also thanks to the help that Jason Richardson has given them this is their best one yet. Many people that talk bad about them but i bet they cant do the half that these guys are doing. They just hide by talking cause they werent born with a talent and get fustrated so they lash out on others. As for the new djent genre
    I love it but most of these bands are inspired by Meshuggah and their time signatures are insane versus these newer bands who are doing it in 4/4 most of the time. (without excluding BOO also)

    • Diesel

      Meshuggah has admitted to playing the vast majority of their songs in 4/4, just playing notes in different rhythms…the guitarist just mentioned this in the newest guitar world magazine.

      • Faustor

        Yes I know about the guitarist and drummer (on his hands) playing a vast majority of songs in 4/4, but I would like to invite you to check and if you got the chance see on the music sheet papers and the times signatures the drummer is doing with his feet! Belive me they are far from 4/4.

  • Gregg Caringi

    The album is as amazing as the men that make up Born of Osiris ! Hailz and cheers to Cameron, David , Jason, Joe ,Lee and Ronnie :))

  • Gregg Caringi

    The album is as amazing as the Men that make up BOO ! Hailz and cheers to :
    Cameron , David, Jason, Joe ,Lee and Ronnie :))

  • Wrecked Reviews

    Totally agree with your assessment, guys. I did a review if anyone wants to read more into the album:

  • BessieTheHellPig

    CHUGGA CHUGGA CHUGGA CHUGGA CHOO CHOO!!!! American bands really need to find more notes on their guitars it’s getting boring and monotonous, why don’t you guys see that?

    • SHUT IT

      American bands???? haha wow. Theres shitty bands in all countries buddy. England has produced some pretty god awful bands, but has also produced some great bands such as monuments and tesseract. Im just assuming you’re british, german, or french. Based solely off of your cliche america comment…

  • Faustor

    But if they add more notes to their music they would sound like Dragon Force then. A lot of notes with times signatures in 4/4 that have been used since music basically was made. Music needs to be reinvented from time to time. For example in past guitarist who looked for an inspiration found it in Steve Vai, Joe Satriani or Yngwie Malmsteen but now days everybody who picks up a guitar after three years of hard practice can reach to that kind of playing. And what happens then those who used them for inspiration get to a whole new level (Ex. Guthrie Govan, Allan Holsworth, Tosin Abasi, Shawn Lane, Pat Metheny and many others). Why get stuck in the past? What Born Of Osiris is doing is taking that CHUGGA CHUGGA CHUGGA CHUGAA CHOO CHOO that we’ve been hearing for quite sometime but adding a whole new world and taste to it. The key is to reinvent and not imitate!

  • Bigyapo

    If you like this kind of music you probably would like