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Review: Burn Halo - Up From the Ashes

Review: Burn Halo - Up From the Ashes

The sophomore album by James Hart’s post-Eighteen Visions project is awash in rock clichés. From its polished, anthemic Nickelback choruses to its Buckcherry-ish cock-rock swagger, it sounds like a Frankenstein’s Monster of modern rock-radio bands. Lost amid the arena-ready hooks, the silly rhymes, and the constantly pummeling percussion is any sense of who this band really is. Even Hart’s voice, which can be pleasingly gritty, sounds like its roughest edges have been sanded clean. Only “Dakota,” which features a surprisingly violent drum eruption a minute into its mournful instrumental opening, offers a glimpse of Burn Halo’s heaviest impulses and reminds listeners of its frontman’s metalcore past. REBECCA RABER

Check out "Dakota" from Up From the Ashes below:
[audio:|Titles=”Dakota”|Artists=Burn Halo]

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