Review: Bury Your Dead – Mosh ‘N’ Roll



All due respect to Myke Terry, who fronted Bury Your Dead for a solid pair of albums, but this is the way the group is meant to sound. Terry’s predecessor, Mat Bruso, is back at the mic, sounding like the fury and bile has been building up inside him since he left the band in 2007. That energy and some of the most ambitious dynamics the group has ever attempted make Mosh ‘N’ Roll an 11-track force of nature. From the granite grooves of “Bluebeard” to the epic shifts (and downright creepy stalker story) of “Jailbird,” the album is downright frightening in spots—but then, who doesn’t like a good scare? GARY GRAFF

Check out “Slaughterhouse Five” off Mosh ‘N’ Roll below:

  • Halfameatbawlllll

    Pretty sweet one paragraph review.

  • Zoranfdz

    just got the album yesterday, sounds awesome

  • Death2rap

    the aural equivalent of being bashed in the skull with a tire iron m/ love it