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Review: Cave In - White Silence

Review: Cave In - White Silence

From scathing metallic hardcore (1998’s Until Your Heart Stops) and mesmerizing space prog (2000’s Jupiter) to deliriously catchy radio rock (2003’s vastly underappreciated Antenna), Cave In have mastered at least three genres over the course of their 16-year career, while the members have all found success in extracurricular excursions as varied as Doomriders (drummer J.R. Conners), Clouds (guitarist Adam McGrath), Zozobra (bassist-vocalist Caleb Scofield) and acoustic solo records (vocalist-guitarist Steve Brodsky). On their first new full-length in six years, Cave In have constructed a near-perfect collusion of their past endeavors. By turns melodic and thunderous, White Silence churns with 8-minute power dirges and soars with Beatles-esque hooks, making for an exhilarating musical rollercoaster that demands repeat spins. J. BENNETT

Check out "Sing My Loves" from White Silence below:

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