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Review: Chelsea Grin – Evolve EP

Review: Chelsea Grin – Evolve EP

Utah deathcore quintet Chelsea Grin blends technicality, melody, and a heaping scoop of breakdown-fueled brutality on their new EP, Evolve. With the addition of former Born of Osiris guitarist Jason Richardson, the band puts its technical chops on greater display, crafting sweeping riffs reminiscent of Richardson’s former group. There is also greater emphasis on melody on this EP, with plenty of eerie orchestral effects throughout. The band doesn’t rely so heavily on one-dimensional breakdowns, and standout tracks like “S.H.O.T.” and “The Second Coming” reveal how much Chelsea Grin has matured since their last full-length, My Damnation. Living up to its title, Evolve will definitely please fans and probably surprise others who are bored with deathcore. DAVID MCKENNA

Check out a preview of Evolve below:

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