Review: Children of Bodom – Relentless Reckless Forever



March 8, 2011 should be a day metal enthusiasts remember: for the release of Relentless Reckless Forever.  The seventh studio album by Children of Bodom surpasses their previous work to reach new heights of metal epicness, which is no mean feat for the Finnish quintet. Alexi Laiho and Roope Latvala are a dynamic guitar duo that has been, for years, arguably one of the best in contemporary metal. Now that label should no longer be in dispute.

Simply put, this album will rock your socks off. It’s a cohesive collection of songs that maintains a high level of intensity without the recycled riffs and pummeling repetition that are all too often easy for talented musicians to fall back on. And unlike previous Bodom records such as Are You Dead Yet? or Blooddrunk, Relentless Reckless Forever has no songs or sections that can be considered filler. “Not My Funeral” starts the album off with a bang, and the keyboard chorus of “Roundtrip to Hell and Back” and the main melody of “Was it Worth It” are also of particular note, but really, you can’t go wrong with any song on this album.

While Bodom’s brand of melodic death metal, with its bouncy beats and heavy use of keyboards, will not appeal to everyone, this album represents that signature assault at its best. Longtime devotees will be pleased with Children of Bodom’s return to their roots—in terms of production, Relentless Reckless Forever has a sound more similar to Follow the Reaper and Hatebreeder than their recent albums—while this record should act as a gateway to fans previously on the fence. The year has only just begun, but if there is one metal album to purchase in 2011 so far, this is it. CONOR MYHRVOLD

  • Dcmx16

    Wow This isn’t that good. Some good songs but nothing special. Spend your money on the human abstracts new one instead. Another terrible review.

  • Dcmx16

    Wow This isn’t that good. Some good songs but nothing special. Spend your money on the human abstracts new one instead. Another terrible review.

  • szakkX

    pathetic review as well as pathetic & Worthless album..”Was it worth it??” ans-fuck no!

  • KrMaH

    the CD is quite ok, if not good. but its not more than that either…
    im a huge CoB fan, and simply love all their works, but this album just didnt do it for me the same way as for example blooddrunk did…
    and similar to hatebreeder and follow the reaper? my ass… it sounds more like blooddrunk in a disguise to me if anything… just not as good…
    i will be looking forward to a COB style of music more similar to Something Wild, hatebreeder and follow the reaper, mixed in with a bit of blooddrunk… not this halfway reproduction, halvway boring thing…

    • Thrasher_668

      I agree with you KrMAH, I had to listen to Are You Dead Yet 3 or 4 times before actually liking it; with “Blooddrunk” it didnt take too long to start enjoying it, but with RRF, it sounds like a bland thrash piece mixed with a few keyboard solos. Ive been listening to COB since “Something Wild” and was really looking forward to RRF….I never thought COB could actually truly disappoint me as a fan.

  • Lifeless

    Really good album, keyboards and guitar solos sound amazing. The bonus cover is boring btw. Really good album, since HCDR.

  • Lifeless

    Really good album, keyboards and guitar solos sound amazing. The bonus cover is boring btw. Really good album, since HCDR.

  • Hallowed

    This is the one of the best album ever!!….When I first heard it I was a little disappointed, but when you hear it again you will get the beauty of all musical instruments in all songs and after that you would recognize there’s no similar band like cob. And i thing they can´t still keep the same styl like as the older albums, every band wants to do new stuff and trying progressing…))

  • Kovi_bence

    and again another trolls and haters…(not you Lifeless!!)
    Of course this is the best metal album of 2011…
    But there might be a new Megadeth CD so….that will be pretty rough…

  • Archtypical

    Certainly not their best. Kovi_bence is a living testament to the fact that COB appeals to children who use the term “haters”.

    Enjoyable album. Some good songs. But definitely not AOTY.

  • Mike

    Honestly, the album is terrible. A few good riffs and then a ton of shit in between. I don’t know if it was the producer or what but it just isn’t a good album. I had two listen through the entire album and have not touched it since and don’t plan on doing so. I’ll stick with Protest The Hero’s new album. Already have a leaked copy and it’s amazing, hopefully I get some extra goodies with the pre-order though.

  • Rizvi Shahriar

    It’s simply GREAT! …the first true Metal album of this year!! All u Metal Heads ’round the globe, get it right now!! U’ll just get lost as u listen to it… I bet. Thanks to COB for presenting such an album… m/

  • zeppel

    Pretty good, not the best album of COB. Just waiting to see them LIVE at Helsinki.

  • zeppel

    Pretty good, not the best album of COB. Just waiting to see them LIVE at Helsinki.

  • Jari Kleemola

    COB is so awesome!

  • Derp Jack

    Fucking crap.

  • metalhead69

    I think this is amazing album! Probably one of the best metal albums this year,,, This is only my opinion. There is good chance that Nightwish will come close to this with their forthcoming album Imaginarium! ROCK ON!

  • Borja Santamaria

    A weak album, considering the talent COB have. It´s not bad, neither great. It´s just a good excuse to go touring again.

  • Metaljunkie

    The album is just one word, Amazing!
    Possibly the best album CoB have given out in my opinion, its so intense and filled with energy that I literally fell off the chair!
    Keep em coming!

  • Paul Hussey

    they guys have become commercial….made me remind of CoF

  • Paul Hussey


  • Thelonewolf3232

    Its bodom so i can hate it …. but…. its not as good as all their other albums… they were focusing too much on drums and bass…. Turn it down.

  • Nutpunch

    The vocals are just too blurry. Granted, I listen to Bodom for the amazing riffage, but Alexi’s vocals are too lost in effects. They’re all over the place.

  • Screwbles

    The only reason these guys are considered commercial is because they are popular because of Alexi’s high profile guitar playing. That, and little kids are listening to metal now because it’s cool to be into metal. There are no ballads, and it’s a very rough sounding mix. Not glossy at all. 20 years ago, if this album were released, teenage girls wouldn’t go anywhere near this album. But people are desensitized and the stuff that was once too hard to people, are now widely accepted. Case in point. Go to a Slayer concert. In the mid eighties people that couldn’t handle themselves would not go see Slayer. Now, 12 year old kids go see Slayer. It’s just the times.

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  • Hart

    Another weak album from CoB. I’m a long time hardcore fan of Bodom but after a couple of listens, I have no desire at all to listen more. None of the songs sticks, and the whole album contains maybe 2 melodies worth remembering. The songs has no meaning and most of the riffs are just pointless displays of flawless technique. They do not succeed in mixing technique with meaning and musicality. And worst of all, instead of getting better at structuring songs, they seem to be getting worse.

    If this was just any other band. I wouldn’t care, but knowing what Alexi can produce (Hatebreeder, Follow The Reaper, HC Deathroll) it’s sad to listen to this.

    I would recommend this album to anyone who loves pure intensity and meaningless thrash.

  • jackson

    sorry HART but you dont need to be listening to them cause you wouldnt know what good music was if it was right in front of you. lemme guess they didnt growl enough for you? hahaha

  • Eulbelprup

     CoB is going down in the latest two albums. They do not focus on the compositions anymore. Just pointless riffs and melodies, and not good enough. The peak of Follow the Reaper is gone…

  • Guest

    LMAO, 5/5?  Revolver’s reviews are as erratic as a gay guy with a mouse up his butt.