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Review: Chimaira - Crown of Phantoms

Review: Chimaira - Crown of Phantoms

Sporting a new lineup that includes much of Atlanta chuggers Dååth, Chimaira have returned with a seventh full-length—to mixed results. While Crown of Phantoms features much of the band’s signature stomp-and-strangle aggression, and some especially scathing lyrics from frontman Mark Hunter, the loss of former guitarist Rob Arnold (to Six Feet Under, no less) is felt, leaving Cleveland’s finest sounding slightly less cutthroat than they have on past releases. Still, tracks like “No Mercy,” “Plastic Wonderland,” and “Spineless” are absolute slayers that will surely impress longtime fans and newbies alike, and bring that classic “I hate everyone” flavor we’ve all grown to love. CHRIS KROVATIN

Check out "No Mercy" off Crown of Phantoms below:

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