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Review: Chrome Waves - Chrome Waves

Review: Chrome Waves - Chrome Waves

Chrome Waves are a post-black-metal supergroup of sorts featuring current and former members of Nachtmystium, the Gates of Slumber, the Atlas Moth, and Wolvhammer. Together they paint melancholic soundscapes that are at once serene and sinister. Driven by Stavros Giannopolous’ angst-ridden rasp and a celestial storm of echoey riffage and galloping rhythms, this six-track debut summons the spirits of its members’ other projects—not to mention those of Deafheaven and classic Katatonia—without ever sounding derivative. Elegant, epic, emotional but never emo, Chrome Waves may prove to be the underground treasure of the year. LIZ CIAVARELLA

Check out "Height of the Rifles" off Chrome Waves below:

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