Review: Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! – Pardon My French



The best music inspires a scene, but sometimes it happens the other way around as is the case with the French act Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! The band play extremely tight pop punk augmented (or more accurately interrupted) with Hatebreed-inspired screaming and breakdowns. It’s a formula tailor made for fans of acts like A Day to Remember, and it’s a real shame because the band shine on melodic numbers like “The Progression of Regression” before they inexplicably attempt to work metalcore hallmarks into the mix. Here’s hoping once the trends change, these guys will embrace their inner Blink-182 and abandon the tough-guy posturing. JONAH BAYER

Check out “Pardon My French” off Pardon My French below:

  • Wolf

    This album is an insult to music