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Review: Clutch - Earth Rocker

Review: Clutch - Earth Rocker

Ten studio albums in, Clutch deliver here pretty much everything you’ve come to expect from them: bluesy rock, blustery but impressively precise riffage, beards, and story songs about robots. On their first record in almost four years, the band vacillates between old-school ’70s balladry (“Gone Cold”), mock horror film boogie woogie (“The Wolfman Kindly Requests…”), and songs so dopey they’re kind of profound (“Like the Gutenberg Bible/We’re the movable type,” frontman Neil Fallon explains on “Unto the Breach” the closest Earth Rocker comes to a paint peeler). On “Cyborg Bette,” the weirdest/best track here, they explore the perils of bionic love. As you might have guessed, it doesn’t end well. ALLISON STEWART

Check out "Earth Rocker" off Earth Rocker below:

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