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Review: Coliseum - Parasites

Review: Coliseum - Parasites

Coliseum's Parasites EP is one killer little release. These Louisville metallic brutes have been releasing steadily solid music since 2004, but Parasites sheds some of their previous hardcore tendencies for a more streamlined approach. Packed with contagious energy and some of the catchiest riffs heard anywhere this year, Parasites kicks ass and enjoys every second of it.

While its methods might be a bit slicker than what often goes for “punk,” this feels like punk in all the right ways. This isn't the diluted, faux-aggressive, poppy punk that has become all the rage. No, this is the kind of energetic, cathartic, and altogether triumphant punk that laid denim jackets on the shoulders of thousands in years past. Driven by frontman Ryan Patterson's abrasive growl and a riveting sense of controlled chaos, the album alternates from snarling grit in “The Fiery Eye” to anthemic power on “Give Up and Drive,” with nary a bad minute in between.

Refreshingly, there's no overbearing attitude or machismo here, either. Instead, these are the sounds of three guys who seem to love nothing more than making music fun. Coliseum deserves credit for focusing on what counts, and serving up 23 of the most enjoyable minutes of music this year.

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