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Review: Crossfaith - Apocalyze

Review: Crossfaith - Apocalyze

On their third full-length, these Japanese rockers and 2013 Warped Tourees continues to develop their brand of electronica-influenced metalcore, blending synth riffs, eerie atmospherics, and grimy dubstep with pummeling breakdowns. While the formula may sound intriguing, lackluster songwriting makes much of the record sound repetitive and uninspired. Only two standouts tracks, “Counting Stars” and “Burning White,” truly showcase Crossfaith’s underused ability to craft a catchy melody that complements their “electronicore” elements. These songs manage, at once, to sound original and to place the band at the head of a nascent nu-metal revival movement. DAVID McKENNA

Check out "We Are The Future" off Apocalyze below:

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