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Review: Defiler - Nematocera

Review: Defiler - Nematocera

Inspired in part by a stint in jail, 19-year-old Defiler vocalist Jake Pelzl gives listeners remarkably deep growls with heavy lyrical content. But his band's anger isn't just in the words the group uses--it is in the musical foundation, with loads of chugs and breakdowns on Nematocera. As a result, the young Californian metal outfit's sophomore record is much more crushing than debut Pangaea (released on Jamey Jasta's Stillborn Records imprint). Indeed, displaying a sound akin to that of Suicide Silence and Chelsea Grin, songs like "The Regulators" and  "Octobortion" (the latter features Emmure's Frankie Palmeri) will certainly resonate with younger heavy-music fans. Unfortunately, as often happens in the metalcore subgenre, songs are not really given the opportunity to stand alone and so the record's tracks sometimes blend together. And while Defiler's lyrical content is darker than many of their peers', that is really the only thing that sets them apart from associated acts.  SAMMI CHICHESTER

Check out "Lucky 38" off Nematocera below:

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