Review: Dr. Acula – Slander



Dr. Acula likes to party, and that’s exactly what the Long Island group does on their recent album, Slander, where it mixes metal, hardcore, grindcore, and death metal. From funny samples like The 40 Year-Old Virgin clip at the end of “Fire Crotch” to impossibly acrobatic guitar playing throughout the record, it’s OK to laugh as songs go from one to the next. Behind the funny clips are some serious breakdowns;  “All Work and No Play” delivers one right before the song ends, a pleasant surprise after listening to punishing vocals from singers Casey Carrano and Tyler Guida. The album’s only failing is that, despite a variety of comedy, the rest of the record tends to sound the same after a while making it too much to take. But what can you really expect from a band that shares the same name with a Scrubs and Mitch Hedberg joke? VALERIE FOLEY