Review: Drowning Pool – Resilience



Since the 2002 death of original lead singer Dave Williams, this Texan quartet has endured a revolving door of singers and yet managed to produce consistently killer albums with an unmistakable sound. This continues with album No. 5, featuring vocalist No. 4 in new guy Jasen Moreno. His bark propels stompers like “Anytime Anyplace,” “Life of Misery,” and “Broken Again,” which blow through the front door like an angry bull. The weakest songs here are the singles: “One Finger and a Fist” is full of unconvincing declarations of being “hardcore,” and “Saturday Night” is an awkward attempt at a party song. Otherwise, Drowning Pool prove resilient once again. JEREMY BORJON

Check out “One Finger and a Fist” off Resilience below:

  • Strfox

    This album is awesome, although the most memorable songs are the bonus tracks!

    • D.j. Clement

      i agree.. been a Drowning Pool fan since day 1, and this is by far their heaviest album since “Sinner” – or perhaps even ever.. but the best songs on the album are not the singles they released… “Life Of Misery” “Digging These Holes” and “Broken Again” should’ve been the singles right off the bat….. i guess they wanted some radio friendly stuff in there as well??.. oh well… 5* out of 5 for me.

  • James C.

    The music is excellent, agreed it is their heaviest album since Sinner but the new singer is very meh. What happened to Ryan McCombs?

  • Luna_Ray

    The band this time round feel fresh and new, together with a new vocalist Jasen Monero, who has definitely set and influenced the bands tone and image. They have together created a new sound for the band Drowning Pool, which is more current, energetic and without damaging the old songs, which i personally find Jasen doing a great job of singing. They bring a new energy, which is a more sexy rock mannerism Drowning Pool hasn’t executed before. Seeing and feeling this makes me believe that they will be influencing a new generation of rock kids, whilst still sustaining their loyal fans.

    The “One Finger and a Fist” song is a great introduction for the band, (though ignore the girls in the video as you won’t visually feel the aggression needed for this song). Though, i think the new bands sound and manifesto comes out from the song “Saturday Night”.

    Seeing their performance at The Garage, London was definitely an experience i won’t be forgetting any time soon. I am ecstatic that Drowning Pool have picked Jasen Monero as the new singer, you can tell that the guys have synergy, they have a great time together on stage and is a performance not to miss out on. Their performance is tight, their presence prevailing, no less then to expect of this band.

    Jasen was obviously in his element, keeping the audience alive and “high”. The first couple of songs they played were drowning pool classics, which Jasen has successfully made his own. This is evident as when you listen to him preforming the newer songs, there isn’t a large transaction of difference, however keeping to a Drowning Pool ethos.

    They made us chant, they kept us up, fists up high in the air, the audience pumped and a circle forming, people being carried by the audience to the centre stage and you could tell everyone was about to have a great night.

    Mike Luce does and excellent job of keeping the audience hyped up and though facing some technical problems,(which i wouldn’t have noticed if i wasn’t taking footage of them), was quickly and swiftly rescued by C.J Pierce.

    Seeing them live made me believe that Drowning Pool are on they way up, and truthfully being a fan of theirs in the beginning and then forgetting about them, this performance reignited something inside me that just made me want more.

    The performance went by so fast, but left me going home and listening to them.

    I can’t wait for the next time round they are here in London, as i most definitely won’t miss out on their next performance. And i also wish them the best of luck for the rest of their tour. If The Garage is anything to go by they won’t need it.