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Review: Drowning Pool - Resilience

Review: Drowning Pool - Resilience

Since the 2002 death of original lead singer Dave Williams, this Texan quartet has endured a revolving door of singers and yet managed to produce consistently killer albums with an unmistakable sound. This continues with album No. 5, featuring vocalist No. 4 in new guy Jasen Moreno. His bark propels stompers like “Anytime Anyplace,” “Life of Misery,” and “Broken Again,” which blow through the front door like an angry bull. The weakest songs here are the singles: “One Finger and a Fist” is full of unconvincing declarations of being “hardcore,” and “Saturday Night” is an awkward attempt at a party song. Otherwise, Drowning Pool prove resilient once again. JEREMY BORJON

Check out "One Finger and a Fist" off Resilience below:

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