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Review: Earth Crisis - Neutralize the Threat


Rather than focus on their characteristic topics like animal rights or straightedge, hardcore vets Earth Crisis tackle the issue of vigilantism on this seventh album. During the title track, Bernard Goetz, who famously shot four men he claimed where trying to rob him in 1984, gets center stage: “Defense mechanism instincts overtake/Lights flicker as the subway car shakes,” frontman Karl Buechner barks viciously, while chilling guitars strike with precision. Later, Black Panther Flores A. Forbes is depicted in “Askari,” a jagged, off-kilter workout with a “militant to the core” message. Overall, Neutralize the Threat is an ace melding of intriguing subject matter and killer sounds. JEFF PERLAH

Check out "Raise" off Neutralize the Threat below:

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