Review: Enslaved – Riitiir



On their 12th full-length album, Norway’s favorite spacey black metallers bring plenty of strange pagan flavor to eight tracks of mid-paced dissonance, with electronic thumpings and eerie flute sections scattered throughout the howling guitars and snarled vocals. Unfortunately, every song ends up sounding too similar, even as the band breaks, as always, from black metal’s norms. Tracks like “Root of the Mountain” and “Materal” contain the group’s signature pitch-black fluidity, but lack the direction and distinctiveness of similar tracks from previous masterpieces Below The Lights and Ruun. CHRIS KROVATIN

  • Porst

    That’s it? That’s a blurb, not a review. Listen to it more closely, it has a lot of intricacies that you don’t get on the first listen.

  • Numbnats

    Horrible review…. Losing credibility…. Where do I stop… You’ve missed it all and I’m not even going to try to educate you. I should write a meaningful review and send it to your editors but I’ve got my own fuel to burn.

  • ten_ton_balls

    This is a very lame review … dude, you got it all wrong! This album is a total masterpiece!

  • Mike

    Doesn’t even sound like you listened to the album because the songs certainly do not all sound the same. It’s a very diverse record.

  • Ebonic Plague

    Since when did Helen Keller rise from the dead and start giving music reviews?