Review: Exhumed – All Guts, No Glory



Somewhere between death metal going progressive and grindcore going political, the metal world lost their grip on gore metal. At one time, this murky extreme-metal subgenre ruled the underground, and only the coolest (and fattest) misanthropes rocked obscene medical photographs on their oversized T-shirts. But thankfully, through constant line-up changes and multiple hiatuses, Exhumed never forgot. All Guts, No Glory may only be the band’s sixth full-length in their two-decade-long existence (not counting the endless splits, EPs, and so on), but it perfectly personifies the mix of death, grind, and thrash that made us love bands like Avulsed, Aborted, and Impaled.

The opening title track is a moody if predictable intro, but gives way to bilious rager “As Hammer To Anvil.” From there on, it’s one blood-drenched execution after another: “Through Cadaver Eyes” blasts moodily forward with a heavy death-metal tread, while “Death Knell” swings meathook guitar leads over thick, filthy breakdowns. “Distorted and Twisted Into Form” rides an awesomely melodic thrash riff through thorough beatdowns of breakneck percussion. Vocalist/guitarist/only-founding-member-left Matt Harvey’s layered bellows and shrieks are spectacular at the times they’re properly implemented, though the ear sometimes begs for a bit more of his old-school Dying Fetus–esque pig snort. Closer “So Let It Be Rotten…So Let It Be Done” seals this wound of an album with a final catchy tug of the suture.

What makes an album like All Guts, No Glory so awesome is its dedication to entertaining what could be considered a built-in audience. Casual listeners won’t find much groundbreaking musical progression here, but how many casual listeners will buy it? Metalheads uninterested in gore worship will overlook it, but fans of dripping blood, gaping autopsies, and ravenous zombies will absolutely adore this record. Gore lives. CHRIS KROVATIN

  • Umesh Amtey

    So much wrong with this review. Firstly, Exhumed coined the phrase “gore metal” and thusly is the only band that plays it. The band had ONE 6 or 7year hiatus in 20 something odd years of existence. Harvey does the high vocals and Del Muerte does the lows. “Old school” is not how anyone in their right mind would describe a “pig snort.” Why would a metalhead uninterested in gore worship overlook this album? It’s still raw death metal. All the bands that Exhumed are compared to within this article all came after Exhumed, et cetera.

  • Justin
  • Daniel

    Come on man. You give these guys more praise when everything else that is out there is terrible generic emo-metalcore crap. This is best sounding recording and with Danny Walker on drums, this by far the tightest record of theirs musically. This band has always been consistant unlike so many other bands put their. This may be their best overall album yet man. You need to listen to this record a few more times and try not to overlook the facts I mentioned. This one of the few consistently great death-metal acts period. Even the bands they were influenced by didn’t put out a quality record everytime. This is one of the first things you see when you google Exhumed- All Guts, No Glory review. Disappointing as fan of these guys man. Giving people the wrong idea. Don’t believe this guy. He’s under selling this record big time.