Review: Fair to Midland – Arrows & Anchors



This restless Texas prog-metal outfit, best known as the former protégés of Serj Tankian (and the best Tool-aping act since Chevelle), have yet to make an epic game-changer of an album, but Arrows & Anchors, their fourth, comes close. Sprawling and ornery and darker than anything else they’ve done, it’s a fulminating mass of Brooklyn hipster rumination (“Short-Haired Tornado”), mouth-breathing thrash (“Rikki Tikki Tavi”), and random instrumentals. The most interesting track here is the very weird “Amarillo Sleeps on My Pillow,” a mash-up of prog, country, and hard rock as awkward as it is awesome. ALLISON STEWART

Check out “Musical Chairs” from Arrows & Anchors below:

  • Michael Durante

    Didn’t know they had a new album! Can’t wait to buy it!

  • Anonymous

    Don’t agree with the “Tool-aping” if that is in fact a ref to the band TOOL. FTM is prog but can’t be compared to Tool(In my opinion at least) This release to me gets a 4/5 as well. Nothing groundbreaking but it’s heavy, dark, well written and well produced! Good job guys!

  • Tyson Carma Band

    I’m 54 years old  and I really dig this band.  Great work guys!  Keep that kind of writing happening. 

    • Craig – Bass player for TCB

      Thank you! Presently working on a new tune. Will have it up and posted in the new year. Cheers, C.
      And, thank you again for your positive comment. It is inspiring.

  • .BiGEatS.

    this album is badass, wtf 3.5? should be at least a 4. best effort to date.

  • .BiGEatS.

    this album is badass, wtf 3.5? should be at least a 4. best effort to date.

  • Thecoffeenut

    how could she compare them to TOOL?  That just takes her whole review and throws it out the window because she obviously did not give this or anything that they did a good listen.  Like them or not they sound nothing like Tool. 

  • NegativeConductor

    Well i played this for a good friend i played in a band with..and the first thing he thought was that it was a more pop version of Tool. I think this album is excellent..its not even my knd of tastes either..but its got just enough heaviness, pop and great vocals to kill it.

  • Darconville

    A well-conceived, superbly crafted and fabulously executed slice of art music.