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Review: Fall City Fall - Victus

Review: Fall City Fall - Victus

Let’s face it: Metalcore has gotten a bit same old, same old­ lately. Yet Calgary, Canada’s Fall City Fall wield a big, heavy slap shot of creativity that shatters the monotony. While the dual-vocals of Nathan Zorn and Keenan Pylychaty echo the pained snarls of Rites of Spring, Ignition, and other Dischord-label innovators, the multifaceted arrangements guitarist Jordon Storey and crew spew on “Dissentipede” and others display a progressive, Converge-esque embrace of cacophony and chaos. Best of all, the band’s feedback-y dissonance and proggy note-attacks are countered by grooving hardness—there’s even shades of AC/DC as “St. Jude” begins to rock. JEFF PERLAH

Check out "Lovebirds" off Victus below:

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