Review: Giant Squid – Cenotes



San Francisco’s Giant Squid specialize in earthy, experimental doom metal à la Neurosis, and their third full-length feels nearly alive. From the pattering drums and mountain-leveling guitars to the sweet, melodic violin and the chant-like vocals, both guiding  songs from titanic sludge to pensive ambience, each element is impressive, but it is the way that they flow together, perfectly complementing one another into a vital, organic whole, that makes Cenotes truly remarkable. More accessible, more direct, and more metal than Giant Squid’s powerful past works, this creature deserves your ears. CLARKE READ

  • Alec Holland

    Jackie Perez Gratz plays CELLO, not violin. She’s the go to cellist for Agalloch, Cattle Decapitation, Om, Asunder, Agalloch, Neurosis, Today is the Day, and a huge list of others. Just saying. Great review, but there is no violin in Giant Squid.