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Review: Hate - Solarflesh

Review: Hate - Solarflesh

Among death metal’s unsung greats, these Polish Morbid Angel-lovers have, on their eighth album, nailed the best of modern no-frills death metal: full-speed blast beats, grimy sludge, and just enough experimentation to keep things interesting, from keyboard flourishes and a sense of drama that borders on ludicrous but still works to Spanish-style guitar intro to the title track. Plus, there’s militaristic marching, mid-tempo near-blackened metal, and so many great death riffs Nile’s Karl Sanders is probably twitching a little just thinking about it. With a production that’s pristine but not overdone, this album is the moment Hate have been working towards all these years. GREG PRATT

Check out "Alchemy of Blood" off Solarflesh below:

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