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Review: Heart - Fanatic

Review: Heart - Fanatic

The soft stuff is nice, but we like our Heart to be hard rockin’—more “Barracuda” than ballads. Fortunately, the Wilson sisters comes out swinging old-school style with a full-throttle title track that sets the tone for the bulk of their 14th studio album. “Dear Old America” matches its lyrical sentimentality with heavy guitars and a bit of funk, while “59 Crunch” provides plenty of its title’s second word, and “Masallah” is powered by a thick groove with string accompaniment that nods to the Wilsons’ love of Led Zeppelin. Only the requisite mellow numbers, like “Walkin’ Good” with, uh, Sarah McLachlan, slow this set down. GARY GRAFF

Check out "Fanatic" off Fanatic below:

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