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Review: Impiety - The Impious Crusade


Since 1990, Singapore’s Impiety have explored facets of extreme metal, with varying results. The band’s new EP, The Impious Crusade, improves on 2012’s Ravage and Conquer full-length, featuring a more powerful and coherent blend of thrash, death, and black metal. After a tribal two-minute “Prelude,” Impiety disengage the emergency brake with three originals that vary from mid-paced and melodic to insanely fast and unrelenting. Strangely, the EP also includes a ramped-up cover of Sorcery’s 1988 song “Lucifer’s Legions.” Ultimately, The Impious Crusade is slightly unsatisfying, more appetizer than entrée; as such, it is, hopefully, a sign of wicked things to come. JON WIEDERHORN

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