Review: Indestructible Noise Command – Heaven Sent, Hellbound



Indestructible Noise Command were a poor man’s Megadeth in thrash metal’s boom years; upon reuniting in 2010, the band shifted focus and are now a poor man’s Pantera. But there is still value in their power-groove thrash: For every embarrassing moment of overgrown teen angst (see “God Loves Violence”), there is awesome, hysterically fast riffing, like in the middle section of “Swallowed,” which suggests Sacred Reich at their most unholy. Really, whenever the band kicks up the speed, it’s pure thrashing power; it’s the mid-tempo grooves that are stale. And one unfortunate old INC trademark remains: The songs are too long. GREG PRATT

Check out “God Loves Violence” off Heaven Sent, Hellbound below:

  • Anonymous

    The dude who reviewed this didn’t actually listen to it closely, GLV is NOT teen angst, it’s about terrorism. Fuck the police and my parents is teen angst……christ

  • Swen

    Heard most songs and was disapointed. They try way too hard to sound like pantera. They are not a thrash band, maybe in the 80’s. A few good songs but most of the cd is boring. Lead guitarist is awful also.

  • Henrik J

    Old bands gotta stop this nonsense……..awful