Review: Jeffrey Nothing – The New Psychodalia



Not too surprisingly, Mushroomhead’s trademark sound echoes through most of the first solo album from the band’s frontman, Jeffrey Nothing, as, from the melodic and haunting “Time” to the downright bizarre “Mnemerator,” the singer shows off his remarkable vocal versatility. On the head-thumping first single “Enough” and groovy “Devil,” he even channels the goth-glam croak of Mechanical Animals–era Marilyn Manson. Still, the album can’t avoid the impression that it’s simply Mushroomhead-lite most of the time—which will be fine by hardcore fans of those masked miscreants, but not so good for anyone actually wanting something new. JEREMY BORJON

  • Nohope1313

    Fuck yea

  • izzy bella

    Excellent album! Nothing yet again impresses me more everyday

  • Eric Draven

    Terrible review.  Absolutely terrible review.  This album is amazing.  Listen to “Goodbye” and “Psychodalia” for all the proof you need.  Jeffrey Nothing has one of those otherworldly voices – ala Ozzy – and this fantastic breakout solo album showcases it.  There are enough traces of Mushroomhead to appeal to fans, but this is Nothing’s album all the way.  It’s not “Mushroomhead-lite”, it’s Mushroomhead-evolved.  I eagerly await a sequel.

  • frank [ Z ]

    J.Nothing is talented badass, but I gotta say this longtime fan expected way more. Sorry, it just doesn’t get it for my heavier hardcore thirst.