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Review: Jesu - Ascension

Review: Jesu - Ascension

The third full-length from Jesu, the shoegazing dreamcatcher of Godflesh mastermind Justin Broadrick, is his most spacious and delicate yet. He dials down the suffocating distortion and sludgy bluster, but loses none of his euphoric cloud surfing—instead of landing like sucker-punches, his guitars now chime like church bells. Even his singing voice has gone from a heart-tugging bellow to a starry-eyed croon reminiscent of labelmate Alan Sparhawk (of especially tender indie band, and Neurosis buddies, Low). Undulating under shimmering waves of feedback is either a gorgeously fragile heavy metal record or the ballsiest Smashing Pumpkins ballads ever. CHRISTOPHER R. WEINGARTEN

Check out "Small Wonder" from Ascension below:

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