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Review: Kylesa - Ultraviolet

Review: Kylesa - Ultraviolet

On their sixth full-length, Savannah shape-shifters Kylesa show just how far they’ve come from the nascent sludge of their early records. Whereas Ultraviolet opener “Exhale” wouldn’t sound out of place on their 2009 breakthrough, Static Tensions, the dreamy space rock of “Unspoken” and “Steady Breakdown”—both of which feature hypnotic lead vocals from guitarist Laura Pleasants—are uncharted territory for the band, not to mention sharp contrasts to the Torche-esque riff rock of “Quicksand” and relentless stoner boogie of “Grounded.” In the end, Ultraviolet’s finest moments occur when Kylesa venture farthest from their proven strengths and step into the unknown. J. Bennett

Check out "Unspoken" off Ultraviolet below:

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