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Review: Legion - Woke

Review: Legion - Woke

There’s no doubting Legion’s heaviness. On its debut full-length, the young, Columbus, Ohio-bred five-piece does its best to irreparably damage listener’s eardrums with a death metal-leaning style of burly metalcore reminiscent of The Acacia Strain and Oceano. The band adds to this enough weedly Morbid Angel riffs (“He Became Death”) and Meshuggahesque stop-starts (“Righteous Dictation”) to keep the music interesting and not just intense. What’s not so interesting are frontman Michael Guilford’s monotonously low-gurgling vocals, which, in their own way, have as little emotional content to them as any plastic pop stars’ autotuned chirp. WILL NAVIDSON

Check out "He Became Death" off Woke below:

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