Review: Madam Adam – Madam Adam



Simply put, Madam Adam’s self-titled debut is all right. It has good moments, but few great ones. It’s a pleasant listen but not a memorable one. The Charleston quartet offers up a smooth, polished set of 13 hard-rock tracks destined for moderate radio play. Their debut single, “Sex Ain’t Love,” is the definite highlight of the record, packing the most punch with a catchy chorus and, as the album opener, sets a promising tone for what’s to come. Unfortunately, the rest of the record doesn’t reach the same level as the single. “Fall From Grace,” “These Are the Days,” and “San Francisco” come closest, successfully selling the band’s potential, but Madam Adam seem like they trying a little too hard to channel the sound of Foo Fighters, and ultimately they come up short. “Rewind,” for instance, wants to be the next popular nostalgic song about high school, but just comes across like a rip-off of Dave Grohl & Co. The album is filled with similarly average, too-familiar sounding tunes, which display a real sense of songwriting hooks that makes it all the more  disappointing when none of the tracks ever attain the solidity of the record’s opener. It’s hard to see any of these lesser songs packing arenas and stadiums. Madam Adam may prove to be a great warm-up band, but unless they bring all they got to the table with their next record, it seems like they won’t reach headliner status. JEREMY BORJON