Review: Maruta – Forward Into Regression



The new album by grindcore torchbearers Maruta, Forward Into Regression, is fast, heavy, and unpredictable.  The group’s attack is, by the ridiculous standards of grindcore, midpaced, following in the steps of Phobia and dozens of other grindcore bands.  The disc is not without interesting moments.  A few riffs ape the dynamic chugs of Pig Destroyer guitarist Scott Hull’s projects, and others mimic the jagged chords of Ion Dissonance.  But these interesting moments are lost in a blanket of blasts and noise that sticks too closely to grind standbys to hold much lasting impact.  The production, particularly the strangely muddled drums, does little to help. Nonetheless, Forward Into Regression is by no means bad.  In fact, many grind nuts will love the swarming chaos these 29 minutes hold.  But those with stocked collections of all things extreme will likely find Maruta to be the same band that they were on In Narcosis—a solid, but unremarkable grind act with occasional flashes of brilliance. CLARKE READ

  • seriously?

    these guys sound nothing like pig destroyer or ion dissonace. Reviewer is a moron.

  • Sales

    I hate how nowadays when the drums are natural and aren’t triggered or edited to death, it’s considered “muddy”.