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Review: Mortillery - Origin of Extinction

Review: Mortillery - Origin of Extinction

Unlike the many retro-thrash bands that accompany adrenaline-injected passages with strangled screams and growls, this Canadian quintet are as driven by raw-throated melodies as by speedy, crunching riffs. Not that singer Cara McCutchen lacks aggression, she just expresses it in a way that’s more memorable than most of her peers. Mortillery’s second full-length is a well-crafted balance of unrelenting force and tuneful hooks that should bowl over fans of early Overkill and Testament. “Cease to Exist” hits full boil with hyper-caffeinated rhythms and skull-rattling vocals, and “F.O.A.D.” is a foul-mouthed rally cry of rebellion and self-empowerment that suggests Mortillery won’t be sidetracked from their chosen path. JON WIEDERHORN

Check out "F.O.A.D." off Origin of Extinction below:

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