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Review: Motionless In White - Infamous

Review: Motionless In White - Infamous

Living up to the “spooky core” tag way better than Coal Chamber, the band that came up with that descriptor nearly in the mid ’90s, Pennsylvania’s makeup-slathered Motionless in White manage to pull off the unlikely mashup of Manson-esque Halloween rock with burly, mosh pit-churning metalcore. Complete with black-metalish keyboard flourishes, Infamous lead single “Devil’s Night” rages like Bleeding Through, while “A-M-E-R-I-C-A” stomps like vintage Manson. Perhaps best of all is “Sinematic,” a slow-burning goth-emo power ballad that truly is as its title says. Infamous displays a compelling, if sometimes uncomfortable, range for a young band, particularly in vocalist Chris Motionless, and as a result, scares up genuine thrills. WILL NAVIDSON

Check out "Devil's Night" off Infamous below:

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