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Review: Nightfall - Cassiopeia


The long-running Greek outfit serve up a little bit of everything on their brutal, mostly solid new disc: symphonic metal, death metal, goth, prog. It’s all in service to Nightfall’s own peculiar set of lyrical preoccupations, which this time around seem to include Egyptian mythology, astronomy, free-floating mysticism, and something about reptiles. Past Nightfall albums have sometimes included elements of clean singing, but Cassiopeia is given over almost entirely to frontman Efthimis Karadimas’ paint-peeling growl. On the disc’s best track, “Oberon and Titania,” he riffs on/takes a sledgehammer to fluff-ball fairy comedy “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.” You’ll never look at Shakespeare—or woodland fairy creatures—in the same way again. ALLISON STEWART

Check out "Oberon and Titania" off Cassiopeia below:

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