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Review: O'Brother - Disillusion

Review: O'Brother - Disillusion

Genre-bending rockers O’Brother beat the sophomore slump on Disillusion, an album as complex and textured as it is loud. Think Deftones meet Radiohead meet Alice in Chains. From distorted, sludgy guitars (there’s three of them in the band!) to frontman Tanner Merritt’s haunting vocals, this is an album with a beginning, middle, and end—each song building upon the last and masterfully bleeding into the next. Even longer tracks like the nine-minute long “Oblivion” don’t feel overwhelming thanks to dynamic arrangements that keep listeners on their toes. Don’t let the name fool you; this is an album that won’t let you down. MEGHAN TRAYNOR

Check out "Perilous Love" off Disillusion below:

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