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Review: Off with Their Heads - Home

Review: Off with Their Heads - Home

Off with Their Heads recorded their latest album at The Blasting Room with Descendents drummer Bill Stevenson so it sounds great, but that wouldn't matter if the songs themselves weren't present. Luckily, Home is teeming with soaring sing-alongs ("Focus on Your Own Family"), Rancid-worthy riffage ("Seek Advice Elsewhere"), and, yes, even the occasional ballad ("Don't Make Me Go"). Admittedly OWTH aren't covering ground that Against Me! or the Bouncing Souls haven't already tread in the past, but there's a palpable passion in frontman Ryan Young's voice that keeps these songs sounding inspired for the duration of the record. JONAH BAYER

Check out "Nightlife" off Home below:

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