Review: Opeth — Heritage



It’s not as if Opeth needed to reaffirm their place among prog metal’s elite, but the Swedish quintet’s 10th studio full-length gets it done effortlessly. Heritage, free of growling vocals, isn’t “heavy” by Opeth standards. Instead, it luxuriates in psychedelic jazziness, ’70s rock organ aplenty, and exquisite acoustic passages that recall 2003’s Damnation. Frontman Mikael Åkerfeldt’s material is sunnier than usual, but still has room for synapse-stimulating musicianship, like Martin Mendez’s exotic bass groove on “‘The Lines in My Hand,” and, adding an unmistakable Swedish touch, the outro of “Folklore,” which echoes Yngwie Malmsteen’s “Trilogy Suite Op. 5.” LUCAS AYKROYD

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  • Chris Partyka

    oh hell yes

  • Dan

    I don’t get it… I heard nothing but compliments in the review and yet still only 3.5/5? The reviews here make no sense… Btw this is a mind-blowing album, excellent musicianship all around.

  • Withlime

    No explanation as to why it got this review?? Just talks about the album. That’s not a review Revolver. Get your shit together.