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Review: Papa Roach - The Connection

Review: Papa Roach - The Connection

Nu-metal survivors Papa Roach’s sixth full-length is an exhilarating return to form. The tracks are grittier and crunchier, akin to their breakout albums Infest and lovehatetragedy, while incorporating the more radio-friendly elements of their later records. Vocalist Jacoby Shaddix is ballsy enough to even resurrect rapping, and with surprisingly strong results on standout tracks “Not that Beautiful” and “Won’t Let Up.” Most notable, though, is the raw, pounding, and pissed anthem “Give Me Back My Life.” The centerpiece of The Connection, it seems to sum up the album since, with it, Papa Roach have taken back that life for themselves. JEREMY BORJON

Check out "Still Swingin'" off The Connection below:

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