Review: Parkway Drive – Atlas



Album No. 4 finds this Australian quintet back at its old tricks. The 12 tracks here only occasionally stray from the now-patented metalcore formula, with plenty of gang vocals, melodic riffs, and uninspired mosh parts; headbangers tired of the standardization of metalcore will just find more reason to feel weary. But Parkway Drive do manage to make the mundane memorable with some strong songwriting. One notable standout is “Wild Eyes,” which effectively blends blast beats, breakdowns, and an anthemic chorus with some very catchy riffs. Too bad that, even at its best, this Atlas maps well-trodden ground. DAVID MCKENNA

Check out “Dark Days” off Atlas below:

  • Josh

    What a joke, you could at least put some effort into this review. This is the most diverse metal album of the year. Parkway added strings, a full symphony, and more into their tracks. This the kind of the album that broadens metalcore’s generic sound that you mentioned. Listen to Atlas and listen to anything else and you’ll see the differences. Winston’s lyrics alone shatter that one of anyone else in the genre. The fact that you can rate this album 2.5/5 is unbelievable. Next time listen to the whole record before you write a review. Actually analyze what you’re hearing.

  • Nate

    What a piss poor effort at reviewing one of the most inspiring and ground breaking album in the metalcore genre of 2012. This magazine should be embarrassed with the thought put into this review. It’s funny how this same author gave “Decas” by As I Lay Dying a higher score; an album which has 4 covers and 4 remixes on it.

    “The EP contains three new songs, four covers, four remixes, and a
    re-recorded medley track. The new songs sound similar to those on the
    the band’s last full length release” – David McKenna

  • Jesse

    Wow, what a useless review… and you get paid for this Dave? There’s a difference between legitimate opinion and completely not getting the music your reviewing.. maybe you should write pop reviews.

  • hatahshatinme

    yea its writers like this that bring no respect to revolver magazine. aild decas was a complete joke and was rated higher than this? get a life

  • Ken Tronnes

    I just got the new record this past weekend and was blown away. I have been a fan of Parkway Drive since 2005 and have seen the progressions they have made. This record exceeded my expectations all around and the production, in my opinion, is far better than that of Deep Blue. It is a big step up for them. Congrats on a great record…..and on that note, this review was terrible.

  • Freaksauce-9mm

    This album is the best metal album of 2012.
    Get in the game! You are way off!!!!

  • Luap

    Absolutely awful review! There is no way tracks such as blue and the grey, the river, atlas, are in any way ‘a patented metalcore formula’! This review makes it far too obvious that the guy just skimmed through this album, with no comprehension of what he was talking about! This is one of the best, most brilliantly creative albums to have ever come out of metalcore, which, with bands such as hatebreed, killswitch engage and bring me the horizon (from suicide season onwards) making up the genre, is no small feat!


    What the fuck? What a fucking cuntbag review. Fire this wanker right now he didnt even bother proper listening to this masterpiece!? fucking dumbass

  • Joe Mallard

    This is the metalcore album of the year!!! You call this generic? You must think that Asking Alexandria and Of Mice and Men are breaking the mold of metalcore, when they are the ones that are ruining it to the ground!!

    • Luap

      Of mice and men aren’t even metalcore! Get your facts right before dissing a band (something this reviewer should do)!

  • jonny

    This reviews sucks dick. This album is the best album of the last 6 years

  • Tyler

    Poor review, but the comment section has restored my faith in humanity. Brilliant album.

  • BOB

    This is the first time I have visited this site, and I started to browse around ‘Revolvers’ reviews. I have to say, David Mckenna, is a FUCKING IDIOT!

  • Jason

    Atlas is a huge album that gets better with multiple listens. Anything off this album absolutely slays in a live setting. That is all.