Review: Periphery – Periphery ll: This Time It’s Personal



Rather than simply ripping off Meshuggah, as they’ve sometimes been accused of, Maryland progressive-metal Periphery establish their own sonic territory on this second album, fuelled by the soaring vocal melodies of Spencer “Sponce” Soleto and atmospheric effects programmed by mastermind Misha Mansoor. The band often emphasizes melody and texture over heaviness, resulting in a more mature and accessible sound. But there are plenty of tasty, complex metallic riffs here, too, and standout tracks like “Facepalm Mute” and “MAKE TOTAL DESTROY” demonstrate the group’s ability to bring these different elements together. Periphery II shows no signs of a sophomore slump and cements these dudes as leaders in metal experimentation. DAVID McKENNA

Check out “MAKE TOTAL DESTROY” off Periphery ll: This Time It’s Personal below:

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    nice nod to meshuggah at 1:45 in Make Total Destroy