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Review: Pissed Jeans - Honeys


The only sweet thing about these extreme noise terrorists’ fourth record is its title. From the get-go, the quartet serves up a splendidly nauseating concoction of staticky overdriven guitars and vomited vox that owe some debt to hardcore, sludge and the harsh, gross-out, pigfuck sounds of the Jesus Lizard and Big Black. Although they’ve employed that recipe since their 2005 debut, Shallow, they’ve come into their own on Honeys, and frontman Matt Kosloff now has the perfect gut-rumbling backdrop to accompany his mordant screeds about his aversion to doctors (“Health Plan”), his laziness and unlikability (“Romanticize Me”), and feeling guilty and proud (“Male Gaze”). They sound utterly repellant, and it suits them perfectly. KORY GROW

Check out "Bathroom Laughter" off Honeys below:

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