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Review: Primitive Man - Scorn

Review: Primitive Man - Scorn

It takes balls to open your debut album with an 11-minute sludge epic (the title track no less), but that’s precisely what this Denver blackened doom trio brings to the table—gigantic, filthy, scarred, and quite-possibly-diseased balls. Primitive Man’s sound is heavy and almost hypnotic in its feedback-swaddled darkness, and Ethan Lee McCarthy growls like a mutant monster rising up from a lake of radioactive piss to wreak its hellish revenge. With tracks like “Rags,” “Antietam,” and “Black Smoke” more than living up to the ugly promise of the title cut, this is unquestionably the “feel-bad” record of the summer. DAN EPSTEIN

Check out "Rags" off Scorn below:

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