Review: Propagandhi – Failed States



Propagandhi are the rare punk band you can count on to work the phrase “muckraking journalist” into the lyrics of a song, as frontman Chris Hannah does right at the top of Failed States, the long-running Canadian group’s first disc for Epitaph. That new label partnership makes sense: Like Epitaph founder Brett Gurewitz’s Bad Religion, Propagandhi lob bombs of radical-humanist invective the way most bands deploy riffs. Which isn’t to say that Hannah and his bandmates don’t prize riffs; indeed, tightly coiled shredfests like “Cognitive Suicide” and “Devil’s Creek” demonstrate how much they’ve grown up (without mellowing out) since their early-’90s skate-rat days. MIKAEL WOOD

Check out “Failed States” off Failed States below:


  • Ba’al


    • Ba’al


  • Steven

    What a terrible review. It’s ok that you only gave it 3.5 out of 5 stars even though it is an amazing album. It’s the fact that you didn’t give any insight into why you rated it that way. Only thing you actually said about the album is that it had some tightly coiled shredfests. I read better reviews from a bunch of amateurs on Amazon. Get a new day job.

  • Ba’al

    It’s obvious he’s is as much a musician as a journalist. Zero talent whatsoever! However, on September 4 this guy will be put to shame and even more by the end of this year when the album is declared “Best Album of the Year”. If one thing I have learned from Propagandhi is tolerance, but this guy puts me on trial and most certanly ERROR!!!!