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Review: Propagandhi - Failed States

Review: Propagandhi - Failed States

Propagandhi are the rare punk band you can count on to work the phrase “muckraking journalist” into the lyrics of a song, as frontman Chris Hannah does right at the top of Failed States, the long-running Canadian group’s first disc for Epitaph. That new label partnership makes sense: Like Epitaph founder Brett Gurewitz’s Bad Religion, Propagandhi lob bombs of radical-humanist invective the way most bands deploy riffs. Which isn’t to say that Hannah and his bandmates don’t prize riffs; indeed, tightly coiled shredfests like “Cognitive Suicide” and “Devil’s Creek” demonstrate how much they’ve grown up (without mellowing out) since their early-’90s skate-rat days. MIKAEL WOOD

Check out "Failed States" off Failed States below:


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