Review: Puscifer – Conditions of My Parole



Puscifer is where Tool and A Perfect Circle frontman/celebrity wine enthusiast Maynard James Keenan goes when he really wants to get weird. Puscifer albums, as strange as they are, usually follow a familiar pattern and the occasionally awesome Parole is no exception: There are lots of crack session players, this time including Brit singer Carina Round, a ’90s industrial-meets-goth-meets-lounge vibe, and lots of vagina metaphors. Sometimes (like on the serpentine first single “Man Overboard”) it’s jaw dropping. Sometimes it sounds like Sting. Too many songs build and build and never explode, and though Keenan has never sounded growlier, Parole never really breaks loose. ALLISON STEWART

  • Yahoo123

    I love paragraph reviews. 

  • Gronkmouth

    3/5 ? Underrated…

  • Trina B.

    Couldn’t disagree more.  This album is a brilliant creation.  It’s a new sound we’ve never heard before and those who don’t want to embrace “new” or “unique” will shun.

  • Nexusdream2012

    Lmfao.. What a horrible review of this brilliant album.. Im sorry you work for such a prominent magazine..

  • Jonh Christmas1

    weird ftw

    gotta hate these plaster cast writers that abuse their potential to keep the “cool” image up.i havent even heard the album but the lack of at least 4 paragraphs says it all.
    im away to download this album now so i can come back later and give out some more 

  • Poopy McPoop

    Meh, c’mon people the album isn’t that good.

    3/5 is about right, maybe even a tad too generous.

  • Trawets-Nosilla

    It’s hard to come across an “unfanatized” comment regarding MJK-APC-TOOL and/or reviews that happen too sudden (how long does it take you to diggest the work of somebody who’s most probably way more knowledgeable than you in musical matters?) and based on what a laptop’s speakers deliver.   The rythm section of Monsoon and Horizons are definetly not 3/5, but what’s the point of doing a serious review if it sounds like Sting to the pro’s.   IMHO it’s Puscifer’s top creature by far.   I find Man Overboard to be one of the least graced tracks of the 9/10 album.

  • Sircasington

    THAT’S your review? whether I agree or disagree, that’s a terrible review. did you write this while taking a shit?

  • Alan

    Allison Stewart you are an amateur. Maybe you should get a job at Mcdonalds instead of writing reviews. Worst review ever. I’ve listened to the album since it come out on the 18th. I love it. Maynard has done it again.

  • Steve

    Regardless of what I think of the album, I can’t believe someone got paid to write this review. It’s shallow and lazy, and I hope that reflects on the author’s future reviewing opportunities.

  • Frank_Booth

    “Too many songs build and build and never explode, and though Keenan has never sounded growlier, Parole never really breaks loose.”
    Oh Allison, how dare you think of yourself as a writer. Judging from this sentence, you obviously were waiting for the typical, ubiquitous metal breakdown in these songs. Figures.

  • Buchan

    rub,rub,rub and spray city – OH YEH!!!!

  • Andrew_Martin_1989

    It’s not what you know, it’s who’s dick you suck. Worst review ever for such an amazing album. Go back to school

  • Jamox Esox

    the album was interesting, this review was not…