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Review: RED - Release the Panic

Review: RED - Release the Panic

Formed in 2004 in Nashville, Tennessee, RED are a band that has really grown and come into its own over the years. It seems like each album they release garners more hype than the last and comes out stronger than the previous. It shouldn't come as any surprise that their fourth record, the newly released Release the Panic, was highly anticipated.

RED have always had a strong Christian message to go with their decisive alt-rock sound, which has become so addictive over the years. Amid their more aggressive numbers, they’ve also always mixed in peaceful ballads that grow in intensity as the songs progress. Release the Panic continues this path and takes it to the next level. RED definitely experiment with more techno-esque sounds than on previous release, but it works better than fans might expect. The uplifting message is stronger than ever on this release, as heard on anthemic heart-pounders such as “Perfect Life,” “Die For You,” and “Same Disease,” and some of the most commanding ballads, like “Hold Me Now” and “Glass House,” that the band has ever recorded.

Release the Panic should catapult RED to the high ranks of today’s top radio-rock acts, a destination they rightfully should have reached years ago. REGGIE EDWARDS

Check out the title track from Release the Panic below:

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